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I cut my bangs about 5 mins ago. XD
Random desicion made about an hour ago...about 10 min after i decided i didnt want my eyebrows anymore. (there practicly non existant anymore..i decided on going sakito style so i knew were to draw um on)

today is a day of change most definately

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nana panties

Hey everybody! Request!

I was just wondering if anyone had some pics to share of some Jrockers with multi-colored hair, but no blonde involved. I want to model my hair for a cosplay but I don't exactly know who XD;; My hair is already blonde so I'd like to change some stuff up, so can anybody help me out?
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I joined this community a while back but never posted. My name is Kyo (you may also know me by my alias, DARUMA.). I'm an 18 year old male (I'll be 19 tomorrow!) from Dallas, Texas. I've been into Japanese culture and fashion for about four years now. I've done my best to resize all of my pictures.

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